Check-Out Insurance by Senang provide your customers a faster, simpler way to get an all-risk warranty program for their items during checkout. It allows your business to stand out within your competitors by providing a peace-of-mind purchase experience to your customers.

What industry are we serving?

What are the benefits of signing up for check-out insurance by senang?

Increase customer confidence

your customers now enjoy a peace-of-mind experience knowing that their products are under are covered for accidental damage.

Increase stickiness of Users

Customers can now get more from you as you are proving a protection solution.

Differentiate from your competitors

Value added options for your customer by providing a hassle-free option for their item be protected.

Make passive revenue from your database

Gain something in return while providing protection to your customer with our commision plan.

New revenue making opportunity

Being one of our panel to have Senang customers coming to you for repairs/services.

Access to new markets

Senang customers can now be part of your business as well.

Simplified management tools with our system

Help our customers feel protected by providing great repair services through a simplified process.


API integration to your existing system for automation and efficiency. Update of work flows can be in an instance and more productive.


As easy as uploading a CSV File, insurance policy are issued and work flows is updated.

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